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    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen! Its Winchester, probably your new mate in cod4 squad Thought i make a quick intro of me! I'm living in Pakistan, 19 in this June ! My high School is almost finished and then i will try to give an attempt to join Military in July, otherwise ofcourse gonna be in University.. My real name is "Faaiz" , and you can call me winny or wini or winch, whatever you like Im playing CoD4 fron over 6.5+ years, started with uG | Clan back then, d43, b2k, H4X , Genex, But those are now very imactive.. Currently im off from gaming till 14th of May but after that i'll be playing almost everytime. i like old school games much thats why i regularly play Moh:AA with my own clan (www.wovclan.com) , i introdiced them to CoD4 aswell but its pretty inactive for CoD bcz guys like to play Mohaa. Other Games i play are : BattleField 1 ,BattleField 5 , Call of Duty 2, CSGO, GTA 5 (LSPDFR) , TC:R6S , Euro Truck 2, Mohaa (Legend always), Call of Duty 5, PUBG