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    Hello All, This is Mighty Rat, I am 55 years old, Live about 30 miles west of St. Louis Missouri, I have been playing RUST since about a month after it came out. I was trying to get away from the BS of the official servers and all the stupid crazy killing for no other reason than just to be an Ass. I pretty much just like to build, Don't really raid at all, But if something is left for a while, I'll check it out maybe. Just popping in to say hello, Hope all is well with you and yours.
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    Hey guys as i already told you that i would organize a tournament, i organized one "The eXp Night Cup". Registrations are now open until 14/04/2019 6:00PM. The eXp night cup will start Sunday 14/04/2019 at 8:00 PM. You can private message me or just message us on the eXp discord for further information or check the link below. https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2398825046960955392/information?_locale=en_US Good luck, Nexizz
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    http://webadmin.extremeprogaming.com:3000/ please register as its importend as for ranking in game and server admin or moderators cod4 servers
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    Rust server needs updated
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    Real name: Dimitrij In-Game Name: Sovetskiy-Soyuz What is your age? 18 Years old. What is your birthday? 08/04/2000. Where are you from (country en city)? Russia, currently in slovenia What languages do you speak fluently? Russian and English and others Steam ID (optional): https://steamcommunity.com/id/sovetskiy-Soyuz/ Discord ID: Sovetskiy#0445 What Games/Servers Do You Play: Cod4, snip Have you been in any clan/community before? Zsever How did you hear about eXtremeProGaming? I was searching for promod snip and I found it and played it Do you use Discord/Teamspeak? Yes, only discord. Why do you want to join. And how will you improve eXtremeProGaming? I wanna join cuz I already know some people and make new friends and play tougher. I can bring alot stuffs to clan, cuz I have alot experience.
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    It was 1 april jk xd, sry xd