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    Hello All, This is Mighty Rat, I am 55 years old, Live about 30 miles west of St. Louis Missouri, I have been playing RUST since about a month after it came out. I was trying to get away from the BS of the official servers and all the stupid crazy killing for no other reason than just to be an Ass. I pretty much just like to build, Don't really raid at all, But if something is left for a while, I'll check it out maybe. Just popping in to say hello, Hope all is well with you and yours.
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    Hey guys as i already told you that i would organize a tournament, i organized one "The eXp Night Cup". Registrations are now open until 14/04/2019 6:00PM. The eXp night cup will start Sunday 14/04/2019 at 8:00 PM. You can private message me or just message us on the eXp discord for further information or check the link below. https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2398825046960955392/information?_locale=en_US Good luck, Nexizz
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    http://webadmin.extremeprogaming.com:3000/ please register as its importend as for ranking in game and server admin or moderators cod4 servers
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    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen! Its Winchester, probably your new mate in cod4 squad Thought i make a quick intro of me! I'm living in Pakistan, 19 in this June ! My high School is almost finished and then i will try to give an attempt to join Military in July, otherwise ofcourse gonna be in University.. My real name is "Faaiz" , and you can call me winny or wini or winch, whatever you like Im playing CoD4 fron over 6.5+ years, started with uG | Clan back then, d43, b2k, H4X , Genex, But those are now very imactive.. Currently im off from gaming till 14th of May but after that i'll be playing almost everytime. i like old school games much thats why i regularly play Moh:AA with my own clan (www.wovclan.com) , i introdiced them to CoD4 aswell but its pretty inactive for CoD bcz guys like to play Mohaa. Other Games i play are : BattleField 1 ,BattleField 5 , Call of Duty 2, CSGO, GTA 5 (LSPDFR) , TC:R6S , Euro Truck 2, Mohaa (Legend always), Call of Duty 5, PUBG
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    Rust server needs updated
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    Real name: Dimitrij In-Game Name: Sovetskiy-Soyuz What is your age? 18 Years old. What is your birthday? 08/04/2000. Where are you from (country en city)? Russia, currently in slovenia What languages do you speak fluently? Russian and English and others Steam ID (optional): https://steamcommunity.com/id/sovetskiy-Soyuz/ Discord ID: Sovetskiy#0445 What Games/Servers Do You Play: Cod4, snip Have you been in any clan/community before? Zsever How did you hear about eXtremeProGaming? I was searching for promod snip and I found it and played it Do you use Discord/Teamspeak? Yes, only discord. Why do you want to join. And how will you improve eXtremeProGaming? I wanna join cuz I already know some people and make new friends and play tougher. I can bring alot stuffs to clan, cuz I have alot experience.
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    It was 1 april jk xd, sry xd
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    Hey guys, I added a new plugin to the website called "Music box"Yyou can find it in the link Below. http://extremeprogaming.com/index.php?/musicbox/ You can add songs, make your own playlist, download the songs and listen to it when cheking the forum and stuff. Make sure you check it out. Greets,Nexizz
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    Hey, i'm Peter, aka beepbeepimajeep. I'm 19 Years Old and I'm from Portugal. I found this community/clan at a match, I was mixing for the eXp clan and I liked the people that I was in touch etc I'm studying Informatic, we study all sorts of programming in the diverses languages and mooooore, beeing in the future an Informatic Engineer, Hopefully This is me! ~bbiaj
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    haha beepbeep well played that match welcome to the forum mate
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    My name is Ahmed , i am 18 years old , 19 soon. I am from Serbia . I heard this is very good server i am not sure where but hah :] I am talented in basketball and in one year i am going to go play Proffesional at FenerBasche in Turkey . I am very good at programming and playing games as well. I love to help people , i am very respectful guy . I spend my free time playing eXp Sniper Nuketown and i usually dominate. Thank you for reading Straffy
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    Hi and welcome to the community . i hope you enjoy you stay and have fun one the servers Grz Dmx
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    1. Hacking/Cheating: Anyone caught with hacks will be permanently banned. 2) Game modifications: There are multiple game modifications that need to be addressed accordingly. These are the following: 2.1 Crosshair overlay: Having a crosshair other than the standard one is not allowed. As it gives a slight advantage over other players. - 1st Offence: 1 Week ban - 2nd Offence: 2 Weeks ban - 3rd Offence: Permanent ban 2.2 Fast Shooting binds: Any bind that makes the player able to shoot faster than our server, will be punished. - 1st Offence: Warning - 2nd Offence: Kick - 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban 2.3 Scripts/ scroll button: We do not allow any type of script or using scroll nutton. - 1st Offence: Kick - 2nd Offence: 1 Week ban - 3rd Offence: 2 Weeks ban 3) Wearing Our tag: Normal players are not allowed to have our eXp|| tag in front, or behind their names. - 1st Offence: Ask the person why they have the tag, if they don’t answer they will be Kicked - 2nd Offence: If they don’t want to put the tag off after second time ask 1 Week ban - 3rd Offence: If they still wear the tag after 1 week ban they will get Permanently banned 4) 333FPS: Having more than 250 fps will be punished. - 1st Offence: 3 days ban - 2nd Offence: 1 Week ban - 3rd Offence: Permanent ban 5) Offensive language, Insults and/or Racism: If you do not treat each other respectfully you will be punished. · 5.1 Insulting eXp Staff: 1st Offence: 1 day ban 2nd Offence: 1 Week ban 3rd Offence: Permanent ban 5.2 Insulting Players - 1st Offence: Warnings - 2nd Offence. If you get caught doing this again you will get kicked or get a 1 day ban - 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban If you proceed to insult, you will be permanently banned. 5.3. Offensive language and/or Racism We do not tolerate Offensive language and racist comments - 1st Offence: Warning - 2nd Offence: 1 Day ban - 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban If you continue to be disrespectful you will be permanently banned. 6) Chatting about religion: We do not want people talking about their religion in our server. We respect any religion you might have. - 1st Offence: Kick - 2nd Offence: 1 Day ban - 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban Continue will be permanently banned. 7) Spamming: Saying the same message multiple times in a short period of time is considered spamming and highly annoying for players and Members & Staff trying to do their jobs. - 1st Offence: A warning - 2nd Offence: second Warning - 3rd Offence: Kick If you keep spamming after you have been punished, your punishment will be higher. • 8. Advertising/Recruiting for another clan or community: We do not want you to advertise not recruit players for your own clan on our servers. - 1st Offence: Kick - 2nd Offence: 1 Day ban - 3rd Offence: 1 Week ban 9) Camping: With camping, we don't mean waiting for someone when you hear them coming. This only applies if the culprit continues to stay in 1 spot for a time longer than 30 seconds. And a “spot” can mean a house, a backyard, a train. In general, just a small area. - 1st Offence: Warning - 2nd Offence: Kick - 3rd Offence: 1 Day ban 10) Speak English Only: Please speak only English in-game, so everyone can understand what you're talking about. We want to be aware of everything that is being said in the server. Please do take in mind that greetings and goodbyes in different languages do not violate this rule. - 1st Offence: Warning - 2nd Offence: Kick - 3rd Offence: 1 Day ban If you continue to speak in another language other than English, Your punishment will be higher