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    i knew that already
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    eXp Night cup

    Hey guys as i already told you that i would organize a tournament, i organized one "The eXp Night Cup". Registrations are now open until 14/04/2019 6:00PM. The eXp night cup will start Sunday 14/04/2019 at 8:00 PM. You can private message me or just message us on the eXp discord for further information or check the link below. https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2398825046960955392/information?_locale=en_US Good luck, Nexizz
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    The Mighty Rat

    Welcome to the forum Mighty!
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    Do you have a roster?

    if you look on the top of the website you see buttons with some text The last button is Staff there you see all the staff
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    Music box

    Hey guys, I added a new plugin to the website called "Music box"Yyou can find it in the link Below. http://extremeprogaming.com/index.php?/musicbox/ You can add songs, make your own playlist, download the songs and listen to it when cheking the forum and stuff. Make sure you check it out. Greets,Nexizz
  6. Artist(s): Boef
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    Streetlife - Boef Streetlife

    Artist(s): Boef
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    Rolls Sessie - Boef Rolls Sessie

    Artist(s): Boef
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    Artist(s): Boef
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    Gucci Pet -

    Artist(s): Boef
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    Boef 93 - Boef

    Artist(s): Boef
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    haha beepbeep well played that match welcome to the forum mate
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    The Cool one. - Straffy

    welcome to the forum mate
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    How to make an introduction.

    Your name How old are you? Where are you from? (country/state) How did you find out about us? Other things about you (hobbies/interests/job/etc) DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE FORMAT, REWRITE IT IN YOUR OWN SENTENCES!
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    Look how to apply!

    Real name: Tim De Beul In-Game Name: eXp||Nexizz What is your age? 17 Years old. What is your birthday? 30/07/2001. Where are you from (country en city)? Belgium, Gent. What languages do you speak fluently? Dutch and English. Steam ID (optional): https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nexizz/ Discord ID: eXp||Nexizz#9544 What Games/Servers Do You Play: Cod4, Rocket League, Rust, Smite, DIRT3... Have you been in any clan/community before? Royal Soldiers. How did you hear about eXtremeProGaming? I saw there servers and played on it, joined there discord and stuff. Do you use Discord/Teamspeak? Yes Both. Why do you want to join. And how will you improve eXtremeProGaming? Because i want to be a part of a community and i will help eXp by being active and helping them where ever i can.
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