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    The Cool one. - Straffy

    My name is Ahmed , i am 18 years old , 19 soon. I am from Serbia . I heard this is very good server i am not sure where but hah :] I am talented in basketball and in one year i am going to go play Proffesional at FenerBasche in Turkey . I am very good at programming and playing games as well. I love to help people , i am very respectful guy . I spend my free time playing eXp Sniper Nuketown and i usually dominate. Thank you for reading Straffy
  2. eXp||Straffy

    The Cool one. - Straffy

    Thanks . And i gotta say i will be online on server every day 2 hours atleast but for now i have some problems so these 3-4 days i may not be able to play . I think i will solve these problems soon i hope you will understeand . But i think i can still play a little bit ... these 3-4 days half an hour etc..