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General Rules

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  1. Please keep your eXp|| tag on at all times as you are representing us. be polite and respectful
  2. You must not be in any other teams/clan/community if you want to join the community.
  3. Please be respectful and professional either on the servers or discord or on the website. We want to keep a good image.
  4. Before you start a topic, see if your post meets the rules and think if it can be used before you post it.
  5. We don't want to see any childish comments towards other members or users which could be offending or aggressive.
  6. When Banning/kicking players you must give the actual reason. No childish comments.
  7. No discussions about Religion
  8. advertising is not allowed here.
  9. Do not SPAM
  10. Keep the original subject of any topic where possible

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