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Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:17 pm

Real Name: Tim

In-Game Name: eXp||Nexizz

Steam ID (optional):

What Games/Servers Do You Play: Cod4,Rust,Smite...

What is your age?: 16

What is your birthday?: July 30, 2001

Where are you from?: Belgium

What languages do you speak fluently and Can you enforce our "English Only" rule on the forum and servers(CoD4)?: Dutch and English

How did you hear about ExtremeProGaming?: I helped to have the clan born again. So i was here from the beginning

Have you been in any clan/community before?: Yes Royal-Soldiers

Do you use Teamspeak3 or Discord?: yes i do

Why do you want to join ExtremeProGaming?: Cuz i like the community and the admins

How will you improve ExtremeProGaming? By being active and help people

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