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Forums rules !

1. Personal attacks, Flaming, Name Calling towards others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully Do not create a new topic with the same content to an existing topic. Duplicated topics will be removed if seen unfit. Browse through the forum, or do a search and see if a particular topic already exists.
2. Do not make false allegations or accusations against any member within any topic on this website that is liable to offend or harm a persons reputation. Any person found to be doing this may receive an immediate ban from this website.
3.We have a zero-tolerance approach on SPAM. If you post spam, you risk your account being permanently banned and your topic will be deleted.
4. No advertising is allowed here.
5. No discussions about Religion
6. Always keep to the original subject of any topic where possible, otherwise your post may be removed.
7. Offensive language in any section of this forum which is liable to offend certain quests/members. All or any words considered to be offensive will be removed or edited.
8. All Topics and posts must be in English.