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1. Basic forum rules also apply to the chat box as well, this includes rules about: vulgarity, flaming, spamming, etc.
2. The Chat box is intended for general chat and off-topic discussions. It is to be used as a way to interact with the community, not to ask perceived simple questions.
3. If discussions in the Chat box are getting out of hand, a member of Staff with a screenshot and time stamp of what happened and when it happened. We will take the necessary action(s).
4. We will not tolerate flaming, vulgarities, spamming or anything that could potentially have a negative impact on another member's enjoyment of the site.
5. Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, and have fun! That's what this community is all about. Webmaster talk, forum talk and all the 'good stuff' is very much allowed. If things get too complicated for the chat box we recommend you make a topic in the appropriate forum!
6. Failure to abide by our guidelines results in swift action. Your shout is deleted, you're issued a warning point as well as a 24-hr chat box suspension. If you violate these guidelines a second time, you will receive yet another warning point and your chat box privileges will be permanently revoked.
7. Use a spoiler for all media links include videos, images, embedded sounds/flash animations. Make sure you indicate what media type you are posting.
8. You Must speak English in chat box !!

If you deviate from the rules, this could lead to temporary or permanent ban on the forum.