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The following RULES, count for ANY HUMAN BEING HERE! Please read them before you start chatting! Thanks!

Discord Rules:
· No racism.
· No sexism.
· Keep arguments in PM!
· No NSFW content (Nudity, pornography, gore) except from in channel itself
· No screamers/flashing images.
· No self-promotion!
· No advertising (Including PM advertisement)
· Discord invites are not permitted.
· No threats (DDoS, death threats, et cetera)
· Please keep channels in English.
· No cyber-bullying (Harassing a certain members continuously)
· Do not disrespect anyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
· No staff impersonation
· No politics
· No unnecessary caps
· No selfbots
· Staff have the final decision
· No Scamming
· We do not tolerate trolling of any kind, please refrain from doing so

Music Rules:
Requesting songs via the !play command, and any other music-bot related commands are only allowed in the Music-Requests chat room, located in the Music Channel.

Please, only use SUPPORT channels for what they're meant to be used for. So that means, ONLY use it for SUPPORT! Only chatting if it is about SUPPORT!

Please obey these rules. Disobeying ANY of these rules can result in a PUNISHMENT!

Auto - Moderation
Warns/Infractions will expire in 3 days.

12 Warns/Infractions will result in permanent ban!

PLEASE swear as LESS AS POSSIBLE. Swearing is allowed, but only if you don't IMPERSONATE anyone!

Thank you and enjoy your stay!(gewijzigd)